Monday, March 30, 2009

Mother Teresa

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Religion Again (Oy, Vey!)

Hey again, star-flower-rainbow-children! I love you all SOOOO MUCH!!!

I'll just come right out and say this. I know everyone else says this, so it's "not a big deal" for me to say it, but it's been pissing me the fuck off: Islam is a death-cult! Muhammed was a pedophile! and the fucking "moderates" are only enabling the terrorists and murderers!

I had the chance to see a talk by Salman Rushdie in the area recently! Oh wait, no I didn't! I had previous obligations! But whatever! I went by the venue afterwards to investigate whether or not there had been any attempts on Rushdie's life by a splinter cell, and sure enough, I found some "Rushdie promotes hate speech! [read: Waaahhh! I'm a pussy!]" propaganda lying around. The pamphlet said "Protecting Free Speech? or Promoting Hate Speech?" Oh, the Muslims love the "this? or that?" form of question, don't they? I mean, they love asking those questions of other religions, but never their own! The pamphlet went on to mention that "oh, well, people in other religions have protested stuff in the past!" Wait, you disingenuousmotherFUCKers! When the stupid fucking Christians were protesting the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ," I don't recall a concerted effort to kill people involved with the production of that movie! Don't compare that shit to the uproar in response to The Satanic Verses! People in your own fucking religion tried to kill Salman Rushdie for allegedly blaspheming your precious imaginary friend! Fuck! You! Assholes! You don't get to accuse someone of promoting "hate speech" when people in your own fucking religion tried to murder him! You don't fucking do that shit! Don't you understand that!? This is not a game! This is fucking serious shit! Dickwads! Besides, it was a novel! It was fiction! Rushdie wasn't even pretending that what he was writing really happened! Is "the religion of peace [read: the religion of untold violence and oppression]" really more concerned with violations of pointless rules than with unnecessary death? Well, isn't that the whole story of religion?

I tried to confront some of these douchebags later on. I asked them if they were responsible for the aforementioned pamphlets and, if so, why. The chickenshi'ite (Ok, I admit, he was probably Sunni. Sorry.) with whom I spoke said something like "oh, well, free speech is great, but we don't think blasphemy is ok. We think it's hypocritical for people to try to justify blasphemy by acting like it's just 'free speech'." I tried to explain to him what the definition of 'defamation' was; that it required the statement to be false and damaging to the good reputation or character (e.g., of a group). I couldn't exactly get through to this individual, so I just decided to come back when I could think of a better method. From the way he was talking to me, I gathered that this person, presumably interested in becoming an Amerikan citizen, would be perfectly fine with it if the U.S. became a caliphate and the rest of us were all Dhimmis! But he was kind enough to give me a couple of pamphlets on the role or "place" of women in Islam. One of the pamphlets had a bunch of pictures of women in "typical" Islamic garb; of course, none of them were wearing a burqa! Neither did I see any mention of honor killings in any of their propaganda! Like I said: chickenshit! Can't really expect any type of honesty from these people if that's the last thing they care about!

It's always sort of complicated criticizing Islam or Muslims because while my opinion of Islam is the most negative among religions (Yes, Christians. Get over yourselves. There's nothing all that special about your religion.), I don't want it to seem like I'm giving the "Western Imperialist Satan" a free pass. Oh, isn't that a laugh! As if the Caliphate was not at one time the world's largest empire! As if it would not currently be a vast empire if it had the resources and organization of our current Amerikan Empire! Not that we aren't responsible for our share of atrocities, especially in the middle east since WW I or so.

That said, there's definitely enough injustice committed by the major religions of the world for me to spread around the coverage.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Time I Smoked Salvia...

This is a shitty drawing of what I saw. Deep, huh? Also, the room felt like a giant tumbler. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Teh Internets is a Virus!

I had a crazy idea. I figured that instead of just writing, and if you wanted to know anything more about me, you could just read what I wrote, I would take a stupid online political quiz. Political quizzes are inherently inaccurate if you're an anarchist because they operate from the assumption that government is necessary. I'm not an "every man for himself" kind of anarchist. Sure, I mention "chaos" and "disorder" in my profile, but that's just inflammatory rhetoric! I just want a society based on compassion and reason. As long as there's no government, it doesn't really matter what kind of economic system I think there should be, because people will be free to choose whatever kind of system they want.

That said, the (2) tests I took turned out to be more accurate than I thought they would be. They actually seem to corroborate one another. But wait a second! Could that perhaps be because they're basically the same fucking test!? It's possible!

If there's anything I hate as much as labels, it's labels that don't really mean anything. These tests claim that they want to move beyond the clichèd "left/right" divide that is infecting our country, serving only as a distraction to keep the proles fighting amongst themselves, failing to notice what the fuck is really going on[!!!], but note my result from the okcupid test. They said I would best be described as a "strong Democrat." Sure, if by "Democrat" you mean "someone who would never be highly reluctant to vote Democratic." Then it makes total sense...

I don't like to apologize, but this shouldn't be considered a real column. I'll "do it right" at an unspecified point in the future... if I can get my act together... happy trials!