Saturday, April 25, 2009

24 Is Not A Documentary, Dickheads!

Been watching Fox News lately? They all seem to be totally freaked out that the Obama administration has been releasing these memos that the previous administration used to justify torturing people (let's not split hairs here). Nevermind that the previous administration, you know, actually tortured people[!] in defiance of the Geneva Convention and the moral arch of the universe! Yet, many people claim[weasel words] that the release of these memos "ruins" these techniques because now the terrists know what techniques we're using, and this will allow them to prepare for these tactics, rendering them ineffective. But wait, I thought the reason that the administration released these memos was that these techniques aren't being used anymore because they constitute torture, which is, you know, illegal. Nevermind that they were never effective to begin with. Besides, hasn't it been common knowledge for years that we had been using these tactics to interrogate suspected enemies? Hasn't this been a major recruiting tool for the terrists against whom we're supposedly at war? Wasn't it during the previous administration that the Abu Ghraib pictures were released. Weren't the neocons1 saying that the despicable actions taking place there were the work of a few "bad apples" and only later did we find out that all of those actions had been approved at the highest levels? Was it not the previous administration that released those prisoners from Guantanamo (because they couldn't actually bring any charges against them), that subsequently kept changing the number of people they claimed were "returning to the field of terrorism"? How is any of that the result of Obama's pledge to close Guantanamo or end the practice of torture (I'm not exactly holding my breath on either of those, by the way). Also, who says we can't come up with new "interrogation techniques" if older ones become ineffective? As if we were hopelessly, perpetually stuck with the same methods of inducing people to give up secret information.

1 Of course, when I say "neocon," I mean the PNAC assholes and others like them, many of whom happened to wind up working for the Bush administration or Fox News... go figure. I don't use "neocon" as a blanket term for any Republican, conservative, or libertarian.