Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Truth!

There is no truth... there are only facts.

There are no paradoxes... only contradictions1.

There are no miracles... only unexplained phenomena2.

There is no great plan to life... things just happen and we just try to make the best we can out of our situation.

There are no absolutes... only general guidelines agreed upon by society in what we consider normal cases3.

There are no unalienable rights... only privileges we gave ourselves that the government hasn't yet decided to infringe upon.

There is no soul... only electro-chemical interactions in our brain.

There is no free will.

There is no afterlife.

There is no supernatural.

Suck it, Kant.

Obviously, none of this is very rigorous. The point I'm trying to make is that most people assume all of these things exist. I believe there's no harm in questioning these assumptions. I assert that the existence of any of these things is yet to be verified. In any event, there is no need for any of them. If there is purpose to life, I believe that one of them is to find the answers to "the big questions" on our own. I often lament the way it seems that most people believe superstition to be more wondrous than reality. I assert that the knowledge we've discovered through science and reason is far more fascinating than any ideas from mythology or mysticism. But I suppose that's merely an opinion.

1 Alternatively, what we think of as a paradox might actually be a statement that does not contradict itself, but merely appears to.

2 Of course, most things people think of as miracles have been explained, they just don't know it.

3 The only "absolutes" are logical constructions, but that's a discussion for another time. What most people think of as "absolutes" they would most likely throw out in extreme cases.

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