Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Years

Hello, dear readers! Today is the 5th "anniversary" of this blog. Sure, there was that ~3-year period in which I didn't post anything, but still. I didn't have all that much to say about it at this time. I mostly just wanted to point it out, because the unit of time known as a "year" and the number "5" are COMPLETELY ARBITRARY! That said, a lot has changed since I started this blog. I don't even think I was "all the way" an atheist at the time. That probably took another week or two. Today is also [close enough to] the 5th "anniversary" of the day I started to publicly identify as a feminist. I think I've improved as an advocate/ally for human/minority rights/dignity during this time, but obviously, I still have a lot to learn. Looking back on what I've written, there are times when I'm impressed I that I was that "forward-thinking" that long ago, but there are also times when I'm kind of disappointed in my former self or think, "Wow. That was 'unfortunate' to have written." I hope to write more this year because I do feel like I have kind of a lot to say and I just recently recalled that I've wanted to be a blogger for a very long time—even before I heard the word "blog," or knew what a blog was. ¡Hasta luego!/Happy trials!

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